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Such is the cult and power of Astrology Zone that the New York Times once wrote a piece about her being two hours late with the content. It is obvious she really cares about her readers, replying to them on social media, and spending an hour or so each day going through emails with her assistant. Each star sign takes about seven hours to write and she works a few months in advance. She writes a round-up for each and a reading.

Once written, they are sent to an editor and factchecker. We are the first few generations in human history to see detailed images of what stars look like. The ancient Babylonians, who charted lunar cycles on the walls of caves 25, years ago, would have only seen them twinkling in the skies. Even then, they understood that constellations would appear during different times of the year and that the moon had an influence on bodies of water.


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There are, of course, sceptics. In between all of her work, she also enjoys doing readings for her family. I made them wait for two years.

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Of course. For information, go to daioscovecrete.

Cancer 2019 – 2020 Astrology Annual Forecast

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  • I have her books, her app and Someday I hope to meet her. Astrology for me, is a personal, scientific, metaphysical, and spiritual journey, that's as wondrous as our zodiac.

    Celebrity Astrologer Susan Miller on the Royal Family

    Sudan really knows focused on my path ahead, never scolding or judging my mistakes, and this year, a landmark at 50, I feel proud and calm and light The app recent reading had warn me on potential negative event that could occur. Thank goodness I follow her advice. No wonder why Susan Miller is famous for soo many years.

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    I really appreciate the option to add in another birthdate for additional reading. The subscription cost for is worth every penny.

    The letter ended with a plug for a bunch of engagements with pricing where you can pay more money to see her, it seemed either disconnected or insincere. It seems like a poor business model, if we are subscribing to a service for content, there should be contingencies and preparation to ensure the content is available when expected.

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    The whole not dictating it was a cop out. People are paying for a service, you find a way to make it work or refund the month subscription to everyone. I decided to cancel my subscription. Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. When you think about it, we kind of live our lives by our horoscopes: The stars play a huge part in our day-to-day, affecting the paths our careers, friendships, and love interests take, not to mention the quirky characteristics that make us, well, us.

    And they also seem to have a lot to say about our tastes in beauty.

    How Did Susan Miller Become the Go-To Astrologer for the New York Fashion Set?

    A self-starter fire sign, Aries are confident and adventuresome, but in terms of their beauty routine, it can be hard to venture out and try something new. Geminis are an air sign that loves getting the scoop first. A water sign, Cancers are extremely caring for anything and everything, and that extends to their skin as well.

    In fact, they love taking pictures selfies included!