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Classic Cancer. And the internet, especially social media, is awash in astrology. The business models adapt too. The IBISWorld report found that the market was split among more than 88, separate businesses, most of which are run by solo practitioners like Kelly and Koyfman and most of whom are women. The team behind Sanctuary is betting on the idea that they can become a central platform to unify this fragmented market and cater to those customers willing to pay for instant astrological gratification.

The app itself is built around the experience of texting: After users download Sanctuary and enter their exact time and place of birth, they get access to the kind of free astrological content common across the web — a daily horoscope, and some background information on the more esoteric corners of the star chart, delivered in a chatty back-and-forth format.

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The business model hinges upon a monthly subscription fee. Right now, the company has 30 astrologers lined up for readings, who work as independent contractors, and a small back-office staff of five.

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Like many who seek guidance from the cosmos, Sanctuary took some time to find its true path. Clark joined as a chief executive and started playing around with business models. They tried out paid star chart readings on Facebook messenger and saw demand keep ticking up.

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