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As we are to make use of the niryana zodiac, therefore ayanamsha is to be deducted from Sayana values to arrive at the niryana values. Astrologers using stellar methods are advised to cast the horoscope using geocentric latitude of the birth place to ensure much more accuracy and precision.

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Universal table of houses have been constructed on astronomical formulae based on the center of the earth as the focal point. Signs show whether a planet is weak or strong.

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A strong planet gives the result early whereas a weak planet takes time to give results of its significations. Planets benefic in debilitation, having a set of results to be offered, the advantageous results will act in slow speed but will never give contrary results. Planets malefic in exaltation do not alter bad results to good if they are to offer bad results. A planet offers result indicated by the lord of constellation in which it is posited, more predominantly than those indicated by the sign or house occupied by planet itself. Planets feebly offer the results of the houses they occupy or own.

A planet is always under the sway of its star lord. Planets are not considered natural benefic and malefic.

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If a planet predominantly signifies improving bhavas 1,2,3,6,10,11 , it gives beneficial results, but if it predominantly signifies non-improving bhavas 4,5,7,8,9,12 , it gives adverse results. However, the inherent nature of planets remains the same. All results are experienced only during the conjoined periods of dasa, bhukti and sookshama lords.

The results offered by the star lords are modified and specified by sub lord of that planet. In short, significators of a good bhava is benefic and significators of bad bhava is malefic.

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Likewise, do not take for granted any house to be fully benefic or fully malefic; 6H is an improving house. For what? For getting loans, for service or for over draft facilities, it is a benefic house. But on matrimonial relationships, disease etc. So is the case with all houses. We say that Sun is in the star of Venus and in the sub of Moon.

Hence for Sun, Venus is the star lord and Moon is the sub lord.

Sub lord: A constellation may indicate an object matter it is the sub which tells whether that object matter will be acquired or not. A house or bhava: The natal or horary chart under stellar system is prepared as per placidus system. This system divides the 12 signs into unequal but correct divisions.

In this, a house is considered to start from cuspal point in a sign, so that the space between the 1st cusp and 2nd cusp in a sign is the extent of lagna bhava, the space between the 2nd cusp and the 3rd cusp is called the 2nd bhava and so on for other bhavas. A star is divided into 9 unequal parts based on Vimshottari dasa system ratio.

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  7. That part is known as sub-lord which plays a key role in KP system. By using this system we can predict about the destiny as well as the time of an event very accurately. According to KP system sign lord and star lord conveys the matter and the sub lord decides the matter.

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    KSK invented other methods viz. Any event can be predicted accurately. Predictions are not vagae.

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    We can say whether the matter will be fructified or not answer will either yes or no. I am learning this KP system and giving predictions based on this system. I also organise KP astrology classes in Chennai with Dr. Adith Kasinath sir.

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    My beloved master Dr. The technique behind these methods is invented by Dr. I mention it is invented not discovered because the tables may look like an ordinary one,but the technique behind them can be explained only by them. The Krishnamurthy system of division of the Zodiac into houses is different from the Vedic Astrology system.

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    Shri K S Krishnamurthy used the Placidus house division system. This report will give you the house division chart for your horoscope as devised by Shri K S Krishnamurthy. The planetary calculations in the report use the KP Ayanamsh as required by Krishnamurthy astrology. Your birth details are being processed. This won't take long.

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