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Be careful about your health as cold and cough may bother you. Daily horoscope Leo.

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Leo sign people may suffer from health issues. You might feel bogged down by body ache. Your expenditures will rise. There are chances of work-related journeys. Daily horoscope Virgo. Virgo sign people will have to put in extra work if they want to learn any skill or acquire knowledge. It shall be a good day to earn money.

Stay away from immoral acts else you might land in problems.

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Daily horoscope Libra. Libra sign people might feel tensed because of extreme workload. Try to complete your tasks with a peaceful mind. This will be a peaceful day for students. Daily horoscope Scorpio.

Scorpio sign people will be recognized for their work. There will be a rise in their panache. Your favourable luck will see through all your tasks successfully. There might be some conflicts with your life partner. Daily horoscope Sagittarius. Sagittarius sign people will experience mental peace. You will benefit on account of your brothers. Your marital life will be normal. Do not bring any kind of negative thoughts in your mind.


Leo Daily Horoscope for Saturday, March 30

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There could be a successful purchase for the home or family, or you might enjoy creative activities with loved ones. Today's mood is warm, generous, and hospitable. A hint of competitiveness can keep you on your toes and motivated to do your best. Your instincts for what works best for you at home, with your health, and with work are in top form, and they seem to lead you to situations and people that are healthy for you.

A desire to do something different or inventive can overcome you now. You are in the mood to make something happen, to push something forward, and to solve problems that have you feeling that you're ahead of the game. Positive changes and improvements are possible now. Horoscope Overview for December for Leo:.

Daily Horoscope March 30, for 12 Zodiac Signs

Uranus is square your sign, dear Leo, and this planet of progressive change, rebellion, and individuality is at the top of your solar chart. Alterations in your lifestyle can be quite significant, and new directions are likely now and in upcoming years. A strong need for independence marks this period of your life, and it's building! Life seems to speed up as if it's nudging you to take a few risks, make changes, and blaze new paths that you haven't considered before.

You are spirited and spunky. However, you also have a lot of work to do.


Jupiter heads into your sector of work, health, and daily routines this month, and will stick around there until next December! The nature and breadth of your daily activities and routines expand under this influence. Saturn and Pluto have been bringing heavy energy to this sector of your chart, and now that Jupiter's arrived, you're finding more meaning and joy in your work or daily affairs. Opportunities for improved working conditions and advancement are likely, particularly this month with Uranus and Jupiter highlighting the two sectors of your solar chart that have to do with work.

A positive attitude towards the work you do helps you attract these opportunities and potential windfalls. You're rethinking your goals, and new ideas are likely to emerge now that you'll develop further in December is a time for inspiration.

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You might also enjoy a stronger interest in nutrition, cleaner living, and fitness. You'll find new ways to manage and improve your daily life, but there can be some initial dissatisfaction before you feel the drive to make improvements and refinements. The Solar Eclipse on the 26th can prompt new beginnings--eclipses often highlight lack or frustration that motivate us to make changes. You're likely to feel a surge of optimism and confidence about self-care and self-improvement this month and beyond.

You want to upgrade health, work, habits, and routines.