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Stephen Schmidt in his book, Astrology 14, stated that Ophiuchus goes from December 6th to the 31st while Cetus runs from May 12th to June 6th. These revised astrology dates correspond with the days that each constellation touches the Sun.

The Sun only touches but does not enter Cetus and accordingly has been excluded from the revised zodiac calendar. In mythology, Ophiuchus the serpent bearer is depicted as having a human upper body with legs that are serpents. This zodiac was associated with healing images. Some refer to this zodiac as Serpentarius. Of all the zodiac images, this is the only one to have connection to a living human being. That actual person was named Imhotep and lived in ancient Egypt where he worked as a doctor. For those believing in astrology, Ophiuchans are seekers of peace and harmony and live a life in search of lofty ideals.

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Many seek higher education and wisdom. Someone with this sign would be a good architect, builder or tax person and is likely to be famous to some degree. For those interested in Cetus, it is depicted as a whale and is considered to represent evil. When someone talks about your astrologic sign or chart, ask them if they are basing those opinions on the old, wrong zodiac calendar or the new and improved calendar.

Constellation Cetus Astrology

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In the modern era, astrology is a con. It not something that one might believe in through tentative evidence or testimony, it is simply a fiction perpetrated by those who are able to make money from it. It may well be that there are things out there in the universe influencing our lives on Earth. However, the geometric happenstance that one star might look to be in a particular place at some point during your life is not going to affect your mood, your luck or your love life.

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