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Though, it took a while for the actress to be comfortable in her own skin. When speaking about lessons she's learned during her on-and-off relationship to her boyfriend of three years, Tristan Klier, Bella said: 'Do not stalk who [guys are] following on Instagram, thinking, "She has this. Maybe he likes that?

Take it from a girl who never had boobs. Once I stopped stressing about them, they grew. Up, up, and away! Another picture captures Bella clad in a few patterned pieces and platform sandals, as she's holding onto a big black umbrella while sitting on a roof. Meanwhile, the Neutrogena ambassador stuns in the glossy pages of Cosmopolitan.

In one photo, the actress is clad in a red bandanna-inspired bandeau blouse and matching high-waisted skirt. Another shot shows the Shake It Up! Bella continued to show her eye-catching spring flair in a striped two-piece set while holding onto an adorable pup. Aside from her thriving acting career, Bella is writing her own young adult series, Autumn Falls. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

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Comments 21 Share what you think. View all. More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Get Me Out Of Here! Today's headlines Most Read I tipped off police that my husband was Midsomer murderer: Mother of two, 27, reveals how she found O come all ye wasteful! But be careful, Scorpio darling! Before you sign up for any new credit cards, make sure you read the fine print very carefully.

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On Sunday, December 3, Mercury goes retrograde, muddying your financial decision-making. Also on Sunday, December 3, a full moon in Gemini activates your eighth house of debts, so be sure to carefully delineate what is rightfully yours from what you owe. On Saturday, December 9, Mars — the planet of action and your co-ruler — cruises into your own sign. This is an extremely auspicious and sexy! A new moon in Sagittarius on Monday, December 18 will help reset your finances, and you may even feel inspired to consider fresh revenues streams at that time.

The following day, Saturn completes its journey across Sagittarius and moves into Capricorn.

For the next three years, taskmaster Saturn will illuminate your sociable third house. By the end of this cycle in December , your friend group may be radically different than it is today. This journey kicks off when the sun enters stoic Capricorn on December 21, with Venus joining just a few days later on December Friendships will be super important at the end of the month, darling Scorpio, and you may already find yourself reassessing your relationships.

Already attached? Channel your favorite power couple and hit the town. Once Venus — the planet of love and beauty — enters your own constellation on Friday, December 1, love may fall directly into your lap. Partnerships will be playful, spontaneous, and adventurous…your favorite ways to link up in a dynamic duo. But watch out, archer babe!

On Sunday, December 3, Mercury goes retrograde in your own sign and a full moon occurs in Gemini your opposite sign. On Saturday, December 9, Mars — the planet of action — moves into Scorpio, activating your elusive twelfth house of psychic powers. The following day, taskmaster Saturn moves out of your own sign finally!

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When the planet slides into Capricorn, however, the attention will be on your personal finances. The sun and Venus also join the Capricorn constellation on December 21 and December 25, respectively , inspiring you to feel pragmatic and responsible. Kick off by setting up a savings account, creating monthly budgets, or making calculated investments to reach long-term financial goals.

Check you out, Sagittarius! Romance gets a little ethereal on Friday, December 1, when Venus — the planet of love and beauty — enters Capricorn, activating the area of your chart associated with the psychic realm. When Venus moves through this cosmic zone, partnership may feel karmic, though you may struggle to find the practical purpose of your bonds Capricorns hate anything illogical.

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The fog may thicken on Sunday, December 3, when Mercury goes into retrograde in Sagittarius, colliding with a full moon in Gemini. Be extra gentle with yourself during this moment, Capricorn, and make sure to get plenty of rest.

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On Saturday, December 9, proactive Mars moves into Scorpio, activating your eleventh house of extended community. This is huge , Capricorn darling! Saturn has not been in your constellation since , and will not return again until ! So what does this mean for you? Simply put, the massive transformation and growth you experience over the next three years will be extremely public.

Nearly all areas of your life will be touched by Saturn, as this will be a critical time for personal evolution. Not a bad way to start the new year! Venus moves into Sagittarius on Friday, December 1, activating your humanitarian eleventh house. When Venus highlights this area of your chart, your primary interest is humanitarianism. You may find yourself more motivated by social activism than coupling up, darling Aquarius, but be careful not to alienate yourself too much.

On Sunday, December 3, Mercury moves into retrograde a few hours before a full moon occurs in Gemini. On Saturday, December 9, Mars the planet of action moves into Scorpio, triggering your career-oriented tenth house. This is an exciting moment to establish your professional legacy, as this planetary motion will not occur again until On Tuesday, December 19, taskmaster Saturn enters Capricorn, activating your extremely psychological twelfth house.

When Saturn moves through this area of the chart, the greatest transformations occur internally, and we will be forced to do some serious soul-searching over the next three years. When Saturn moves into your own sign in December , you will have learned huge karmic lessons, but first you must put in the hard work.

Venus follows shortly soon after on December 25 , and your relationships take a more ethereal turn. See you in for your birthday season!

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Once romantic Venus enters Sagittarius on Friday, December 1, your relationships take an opportunistic turn. But keep yourself grounded, darling Pisces: On Sunday, December 3, Mercury goes retrograde in Sagittarius and a full moon occurs in Gemini, creating tension across the work-life axis.

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On Saturday, December 9, Mars — the planet of action — slides into like-minded Scorpio, activating the area of your chart associated with adventures and exploration. This is a terrific time to expand your reach, darling Pisces! An exciting professional opportunity may come your way on Monday, December 18 during the new moon in Sagittarius.

The following day, Saturn begins its three-year cycle in Capricorn, illuminating the area of your chart associated with technology, teamwork, and forward thinking. How can you make a difference, Pisces? This year, consider checking out beauty products that mirror your values.

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See you in , lovely mermaid! By Marci Robin. Capricorn symbol: The Goat - because they are a determined animal who rises up the path by taking advantage of every foothold. Always climbing. Capricorns are reserved, patient, disciplined, strategic, determined and the kind of person who, in a low-key way, rises higher than their contemporaries, to the surprise of all. They always persist, they pursue their ambitions doggedly. They value material security and status. Read more about Capricorn traits here. Aquarius symbol: The Water-Bearer - symbolically, the water represents truth, which Aquarians deliver freely and fairly to the world.

A truth-sayer!

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They love people but can act quite shy and, deep down, often feel insecure. Read more about Aquarius traits here. Pisces symbol: Two fishes tied to one another, swimming in opposite directions- because all Pisceans swim amidst shifting emotional currents, and are plagued by both conflicting desires and extremes of temperament. Read more about Pisces traits here. For your own unique and personal tarot forecast, visit Kerry's TarotBella page. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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