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Dark Side of Aquarius: Erratic, Self-Absorbed, Tactless, Superstitious

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Dark Side of Aquarius: Erratic, Self-Absorbed, Tactless, Superstitious | Exemplore

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Type your question hereā€¦ Please Ask one specific question and provide relavant details In case of multiple questions, only the first will be answered. Aquarius-born people under Air element sign are independent, strong, mysterious, eccentric, intelligent and attractive in personality. Humanitarian What appeals to them a lot are humanitarian activities. They try their best to do whatever is possible to make the world a better place to live in.

Intelligent The Aquarius-born people are intelligent and always look for intellectual stimulation.

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They are known for their wide-ranging interests. Inventive Monotony bores the Aquarius-born, which is why they make conscious efforts to think out of the box and do their work in creative ways. To learn all about yourself, you may buy Your Horoscope Analysis report. Independent These people prefer to be financially and emotionally independent, and any attempts to pin them to a specific situation will make them avoid it.

Loyal If a native of this Sign gives his word, he will make sure he fulfils it. They are so popular because they are loyal to their friends and loved ones. Are you facing difficulty to know if your relationship is that of a friend or lover?

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Negative Traits Unpredictable It is very difficult to predict what the Aquarius-born will do next. They dislike monotony, and will never follow a fixed behavioural pattern.

Detached Their philosophy in life is to live and let live, and they will not let anyone get close to their hearts beyond a point. They are scared of losing their freedom. You can also try our fully personalised Birth Chart based report Compatibility Assessment Reading to know how well you will get along with your partner.

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I've got this idea, perhaps not fair, that Aquarians are the most likely to get surgically implanted horns on their heads or mix pain with pleasure, to test their own limits. You could say that the alien aspect takes them away from natural laws, and their own bodies. The dark path then, for some, is toward the synthetic, the virtual and total rejection of their natural selves.

This affects others when they become experts in mind control, or go into the field of synthetic biology. This is especially alluring when there are no earth sign planets in the birth chart. In our age, you can live in a technological reality of your own creation, to a point. Some go to extremes and become cyborgs, or preach about the coming age of transhumanism.

It's a rare astro book that's funny, and hers will make you LOL. She rolls her eyes at Brightside astrologers that are apologists for vanishing acts like Aquarians. Brightsiders say they're private and leave them be. She proposes they go missing, yes, but are actually often watching at a distance, as perverse voyeurs. In a bit on When Waterboys Go Wron g, she writes about two possible jobs for rogue Aquas - computer hacker or stalker.

On the latter, she writes "Restraining orders mean nothing to you; as long as you've got a satellite link, bugs, and access to a computer network, you can make life hell for anyone: every breath they take, you'll be watching them. Aquarius prides itself on being high-minded and egalitarian. And yet, as Liz Greene writes in Astrology for Lovers, the Waterbearer has a paradoxical nature that he or she doesn't always admit to or understand. And it comes from a competing impulse for control.

Dark Side of Aquarius

Greene writes, "Where Aquarius consciously strives for selflessness, his shadow side is completely self-centered; where his dedication to others is often faultless in ordinary life, his shadow is dedicated to the upholding of his position of control. Aquarians have control freak tendencies when it comes to ideas, since that's their medium, being air signs. Aqua's two rulers hint at the paradox of chaos Uranus and order Saturn. Even his own wife gets exasperated with it. That's run of the mill dark side behavior, nothing too harmful. But darker shadows exist out there when someone justifies what he does, for a political aim or based on a warped view of reality.