Jupiter in first house in astrology

The person with Jupiter here could project a sense of self-belief and everything may just feel bigger and better concerning Jupiter. Perhaps the traveler, teacher, or generous persona is projected. There is a spontaneous and open expression here, with an individual that projects positivity, and an optimistic outlook always viewing existence through a larger lens and possessing a close connection to all forms of higher knowledge.

Those with this Jupiter placement could be involved in important meetings throughout life with mentors, teachers, or a guiding spiritual principle, religious figures, and maybe a direct path towards education and gaining knowledge. Jupiter in the 1st house is positive for self-growth, and if the individual deals with the public, they may be very well known. The type could be a great benefit to many who receive this outpouring of generosity.

Sun and Jupiter in the First House-Vedic Astrology | Vedicgrace Foundation

Jupiter here possesses a dignified air and characteristic quality that is cheerful, colorful and benevolent; the person usually makes their mark in the world. The individual approaches life knowing there are a number of infinite possibilities and Jupiter informs them that there is an intelligent pattern to life, operating through chance events. Jupiter in this position may experience these chances and opportunities and significant meetings more than the average individual.

Those meaningful experiences that occur can mean the type is attracted to anything that cultivates an understanding, and with Jupiter, understanding often concerns wholeness. We have already associated the Sun with kingship, but it was in fact Jupiter, or Zeus, who was king of the gods.

Jupiter belongs to the principle of expansion. He rules things which are big and important, and foreign places. On the birth chart he represents the ability to go beyond the given situation, explore new possibilities, free ourselves from constraint. He is the planet of vision and optimism, and also a profligacy, that is, of giving, spending and wasting, as opposed to conserving. He is associated with the enquiring, philosophical mind and also with religion, faith, spirit.

The worst is not his wastefulness, as is often said, but his sometimes dangerous refusal to acknowledge any limitations and his ability to carry us through enthusiasm into dogmatism and hypocrisy. Like the god who was notorious for his infidelities, Jupiter is somewhat fickle and unstable.

Faith & Folly of the First House Jupiter:

How to Find Your Luck aka Jupiter. It takes 12 years for Jupiter to make its way around your birth chart. This means that every year, one of 12 areas of your life 1 of 12 houses gets a little expansion, revamped and sprinkled with luck and opportunity. Before we proceed you will need to know where your Jupiter is and in what sign and house it falls in. To find where your Jupiter is you will need your Birth Chart, to find out more about how to get your birth chart and what it is - click here. The Journey of Jupiter. Jupiter in the realm of Astrology is the planet of luck, insight, experience, knowledge and wisdom.

Jupiter represents growth, the pursuit of our hopes and dreams and teaches us the way to gain all that we desire. It really is our greatest blessing which could be why Jupiter also represents Children, prosperity, wealth and our life partner. Now we all have natural luck with our Birth Jupiter find out more , but when Jupiter transits a new house every year you can be sure to gain a new understanding, more luck and opportunities within that area of your life. Where Is Jupiter Now? Hopefully, now you have your Birth chart if you don't click here to get it , currently, Jupiter is in the Sign of Sagittarius on November 9th, until December 2nd, Find where Sagittarius falls within your chart and click below for my personal insights into what this transit can bring for you.

To find out more about your natural born luck, talent and opportunities book a personal reading by clicking here.

Jupiter in the 1st House / 7th House Axis

This is a renewal of Jupiter and as such it brings great opportunities your way that is the catalyst for the next 12 years that follow. Jupiter here can give you more attention, people notice you more, Jupiter is shining a magnetic light on you that brings new and expansive things your way. Jupiter is the Planet that governs over our Goals and aspirations in life so it makes sense that this is a time where you can start something that within the next 12 years grows to become a beacon of happiness and joy for you.

It often brings rewards, gains and a new life cycle.

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Personal experiences - I relocated during the time Jupiter transited over my 1st house, I was The second time 24 I started my business full time -Ask a Little Witch. When Jupiter transits over your 2nd house, this tends to increase your resources in someway, your value increases, your self worth and esteem is elevated. You could make investments into something that after the next 12 years will bring rewards and returns your way as a result for what you invested in. It can increase our bank account as well as increase our expenditure. Your storage expands, you seem to own a lot more as you purchase something more.

Negative sides - You can over spend! Personal Experiences - First time around I lost a lot of weight during this time, I also got really involved with performing arts, dance and drama more specifically. Second time around I gain a lot of clients and was kept busy for the year with my business, my business grew. I guess I purchased a camera and a new laptop during this time. This was a time I put out my sun sign videos on YouTube. When Jupiter transits here it really does make you busy, You could end up studying something, learning some important skill, like driving, It also expands your social media, it can increase your contacts lists, You gain more skills, clients if your in business during this time.

You can end up traveling more. My Personal experiences - First time around I become more popular at school, I also had a busy social life for a teen as many of them do, spent a lot more time with friends. I also moved to another area. The second time around My business grew, social media, followings all more than doubled, I took various astro courses. I was constantly on the go, made some short trips. When Jupiter transits here it can increase the activity at home, it expands the family, so this could be a new addition to the family, this could be relatives coming round a lot more, connecting with lost family members.

It can make you move home, change home in someway, making it more homey, you can move the house around, spruce the house up, decorate, add some items and some new things to the house. Negatives: You might not get so much peace at home, there always something happening, someone visiting, doing something.


Jupiter(Guru) in first House

My Personal Experiences - First time around I had finished school and was now thinking about college, I spent more time at home. We got a new dog. I got my first job. The second time this happened there was a reconnection with old family members as a result of grandpa passing away. I was thinking about moving the entire transit, instead i got into feng shui, i moved my home around, i ended up shifting everything around and added some new things to the house.

Most definitely had a lot more visitors at home during this time. The 5th house. When jupiter transits here it can expand your romantic life and the need or desire for more fun and play. So here Jupiter can take your romantic life to the next phase or stage. Business owners can expand their business, you could find or discover a new creative hobby. You could get engaged.

Which sign & planet rules the 1st house?

It's a time you can attend some sort of college or educative course. Second time round I started college, I actually studied Film making which is a 5th house thing , I got into performing arts course but decided film making would be a more "practical topic of study". I got a lot of attention, partly because I was one of 2 girls taking a course full of guys. I was working as a waitress and was earning pretty good money. I met a guy who still to this day wants to date me - so I guess you could say first "crush" experience.

I also took an online business course during this time. The only reason I feel this time around was so serious in comparson to the other times was that Saturn entered my 7th house. My Personal Experiences - This always happens for me, you gain more opportunities in your working life, I earn more during this time. I am usually physically active as well, general more energy and enthusiasm.

I also received a promotion as I was finishing college, I got promoted to Assistant manager. When Jupiter transits your 7th house, this is a time where any serious commitments, relationships or business partnerships will move to the next level, so marriage can be seen with this or if you're in one that is not going anywhere, no growth, not expansion and not very happy then it will be dissolved in an easy way.

My Personal Experiences - I got a stalker at this time, I was a bit of serial dater and there were a couple of guys being really serious with me but i just didn't want it.