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They will be very lucky career-wise even if they go through many of them. They will never do something unless it makes them happy. Jupiter in 11th House : They love large groups or to be surrounded by people that can teach them something. Being around people will make them happy. Jupiter in 12th House : Growth through exploring their most sensitive and hidden side. Self-discovery will help them understand everything else.

Seeking people who inspire you, meditation, the endless curiosity is the answer. Moon in 12th House: People are here for you and are ready to help you. Venus in 12th House: You are loved in so many ways. You are helping people much more than you give yourself credit for. Uranus in 12th House: You have it in you to inspire the changes in the world that you want to see. Neptune in 12th House: You have so many beautiful ideas just below the surface, and the world will be so lucky to hear them one day.

Pluto in 12th House: You have grown so much in your lifetime. Give yourself credit for that! Jupiter represents the charitable side and how you can draw power from good actions. Use your power to inspire, lead and help those that are in need. Aries is the go getter; the driving force and you can do a lot with that power. Always aim big and remember to put the selfishness aside and truly focus on wanting to help. Generosity should not be for show, but it should be done because you want to truly help others.

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You might be fine watching others get caught up in their own problems because it does not concern you, and to an extent, you are right. However, there are times where you can use your resources to help those in need.

Taurus, you are inclined to hoard some material possessions and sometimes it is ok to let that go and give. Remember, there are others that will find treasures in the things you deem as fruitless.

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Take a good look inside and use that to help the others on the outside. Good fortune accompanies the benevolent. Your greatest gift is in your ability to absorb and retain information. Use that to help others, inducing friends and family. In a relationship, you can guide your significant other through your knowledge.

It is quite possible to achieve a harmonious environment in your work and personal life. Make use of your gifts to guide others with what you know because everyone is in need of someone that has a wealth of knowledge that can help change the world. It is a beautiful quality, along with your natural loving nature. Cancer is accepting and wants to help and you draw in your luck when you willingly put the needs of others first when they are in need.

Water signs tend to be drained more when they perform good deeds since they are empaths. Take some time to recharge after saving the world, because everyone needs someone like you to cheer them on and to make them feel loved. As you bathe in the accolades and sun yourself in the spotlight, make sure to give someone else that extra boost and share the spotlight with them. Those closest to you already feel your wonderful radiance, so from time to time, focus on someone that is not in your social circle and make them feel loved.

Stick up for the underdog, travel, use your networking skills to make a huge difference. Leo is grandiose, and your charity work should not be displayed. Keep it low key. Use these powers to assist others in need. Your knowledge will be needed, very much like Gemini. Take the initiative in helping others that seek your guidance.

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Your mind is packed with good information and helpful routines. Instead of criticizing, make sure you can impart ways to help people succeed. After all, you can be quite the cheerleader when you focus.

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It is not a big surprise that friends go to you because you are always going to listen and make great judgements. People will value what you have to say and this is why everyone respects you. Their words are measured, making the most ferocious take heed of their advice. You draw in the best fortune when you practice your diplomatic skills and help others. The Libra understands all sides and although they will rarely choose in favor, they will provide all of the positive aspects of each argument.

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You are naturally charitable; very much like Pisces, you might put yourself out there and forget to nurture yourself. Practice patience and when things are overwhelming, take some time to reflect and recharge. You will come back stronger than ever. When they focus their energies in the greater picture, they can truly reach the impossible. You are charitable, an empath and filled with love.

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Although you hide your vulnerabilities, you are caring and retreat when you have been hurt. Water signs are naturally inclined to help, which is why Scorpio might be more secretive about their intentions, for fear of backlash. Scorpio might be apprehensive, but once you rid yourselves of the fear of pain and betrayal, you can heal the world around you with the beauty that you radiate within. The Sagittarius withers in depression, which is why they should be focused on happiness.

Jupiter is your ruler, so when you do the most to help others and bring out their inner joy, your luck also expands.

Learn Astrology > Uranus in Capricorn in Your Natal Chart or Horoscope

The beauty is that even in your darkest hour, you can see the light and you will aim and shoot to reach it. This is how your approach to charity should be, helping others find the inner light inside so that they too can overcome. You are naturally good at making money, so it only makes sense that you learn to share some of what you make to help others in need. The Capricorn is the natural businessman who knows how to make a fortune out of nothing. Your fortune expands when you help others, whether in business or helping your friends and other acquaintances.

Teach others how to help themselves if you see them making financial mistakes, become their mentor. At the end of the day, we might have riches and material possessions in life, but they are limited to our time on Earth. Use your wits to make a huge difference, try and change what you deem is not right in society and look out for the small fry. Aquarius is a beam of energy that wants to overthrow the natural order and their Jupiter is no different. When you take in. You are filled with pain when others suffer, so you want to help them out as much as possible. If someone seeks your help, you might drop everything to aid them, especially if this relates to someone you hold dear. Make sure to understand your limits and create boundaries because people can easily take advantage of your charitable side.

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Your mantra is already focused on salvation for those that need it. Your huge heart will help you because you are already filled with the desire to make a change. There are beautiful and miraculous things you are powered to do. Astro Originally posted by hekatesoasis. Planets in Houses. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Show more notes.

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I thought the astrology community would like this c: I had to make an info poster for a project and I did mine on how to read the basic natal chart instagram: spicycarl. The Sun, the Moon and the Planets: meaning. Pluto: represents elimination, destruction, regeneration, renewal and transformation. Jupiter in Taurus They have much love for home and family life and can use this as a solid foundation to build on.

Jupiter in Gemini They have a thirst for knowledge mixed with a curiosity and fast pace that can make them restless but also excellent learners and travellers. Jupiter in Cancer Compassionate and empathetic, they are very in touch with feelings and emotions. Jupiter in Leo Dramatic and confident in their own ideas, they love defending their beliefs. Jupiter in Virgo Excellent at problem solving and helpful in a crisis.